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The Desolate

Title : The Desolate
Release Date : January 15, 2012
Label :

  1. Forgotten Ethereal Visions Inferion 2:40
  2. It Began With Blood Inferion 3:28
  3. The Killing Process Inferion 4:39
  4. Moment Of Anger Inferion 4:22
  5. Wasted Landscape Inferion 4:23
  6. Underlife Inferion 5:14
  7. Purest Evil Inferion 4:45
  8. Withering Deities Inferion 5:02

The First Inferion release to feature the vastly talented Bassist / Vocalist Frank Gross (ex-Kult Ov Azazel). This release shows no remorse. It’s the fastest Inferion album to date. Co-written with long time member Armando Martinez (Heaven Ablaze) and Diego Angee (of Belzeth and Evil Throne), this album discovers a new level of darkness and aggression never before explored. Fast, fucking brutal, and aggressive. The Desolate is perhaps THE ONLY metal album ever recorded in a NO SHIT warzone. Recorded in Iraq in 2010. The Desolate is an unforgiving Black Metal offering.

Album Line-up
Nick Reyes – Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Frank Gross – Bass