MIAMI, FLORIDA – Inferion was formed in 1996. Their first release “Infinite Dying Souls” was recorded in 1998. They recorded and released their second album “Given To The Ground” in 1999. It was less Black Metal and more mid paced Death Metal. In 2002 “Cursed Path” was released followed by the well known “Firewar” in 2003. Inferion played shows along the east coast including performances at the Milwaukee and Tampa metal fests in support of both albums.

The band began writing new material for “The Desolate” in 2005 and, in the same year Heaven Ablaze and Inferion released the split in entitled “The Art of Blasphemy (Divine Hatred)”. This release contained two songs from the “Firewar” album and one unreleased track. During this time Nick Reyes made several live performances in Europe under the Inferion name performing noise versions of previous albums. Over the next couple of years, Nick Reyes’ other musical obligations as well as his obligation with the Army delayed the release of the album. Ultimately, their 5th studio album “The Desolate” was released  in January 2012 and was followed by “Aborted By The Sun” six months later as a previously recorded (in 2003) but unreleased  E.P. In 2013. Work on the next album “This Will Decay” began as well as the process of remixing and releasing yet another previously recorded (2004-2007) but unreleased E.P. entitled “Palingenesis”.

Their 6th studio album “This Will Decay” is available through Horror Pain Gore Death.

Currently, all releases are available through iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and Amazon.


Nick Reyes – Guitars, Vocals, Coffee
Frank Gross – Bass, Vocals, Zen
Ray Mitchell – Guitars, Vocals, Bench Grinder
Edixon Sepulveda – Drums