It’s the mid-90s.

As the tape-trading niche slowly dissipates, one die-hard upstart manages to find its footing within it, hailing from the South Florida circuit where the scene had all but dried up.


The fresh band, inspired by the still-novel black metal sound and founded by guitarist/vocalist Nick Reyes, begins its campaign up the coast, touring extensively for years, crafting albums and delivering their sonic mayhem all the way out to the likes of New York’s CBGBs, sharing the stage with bands like Neurosis while still in its infancy.

By the early years of the uncertain new millennium, INFERION is blaring their sounds on the first of many tours through Canada and South America.

​In 2003, the band refine their sound and release the epic “Firewar”. This album gains enhanced momentum for the band and propels them to the festival circuit, sharing the stage with Vital Remains, Enslaved, Fear Factory, etc. across multiple countries.

Soon, the band begins to see traction in tours through Scandinavia and western Europe, all the while remaining regulars in the Stateside festival circuit. Over the next decade, overcoming the occasional hiatus, the band still manages to tour South America, play a Decibel festival with Abbath/High on Fire/Skeletonwitch, tour through Colombia on a Metal Injection Tour, and pump out three albums worth of material. Including the iconic “This Will Decay” released on Horror Pain Gore Death.

After supporting “This Will Decay” the band embark on a brief Army induced hiatus and begin work on their latest album. In mid-2022, the band entered the studio to record what will likely be the most focused and memorable work to date. The forthcoming full-length monolith ‘Inequity’ features new members and a carefully-crafted blend of aggression and melodic stylings, employing eight and nine-string guitars and dual vocal performances.

Along with the reissue of 1999’s “Given to the Ground” and a genre-defying compilation of INFERION remixes by other artists entitled “Maternity Ward to Crematorium”, the band is preparing to culminate their long history with new offerings, while staying true to their own parameters.

​INFERION is the band that doesn’t ever quit.


Currently, all releases are available through iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and Amazon.


Nick Reyes – Guitars & Vocals
Frank Gross – Bass & Vocals
Elan O’Neal – Drums & Backing Vocals
Ray Mitchell – Guitars