Title : Firewar
Release Date : October 24, 2003
Label :

  1. Firewar Inferion 2:39
  2. Hatred Millenium Inferion 4:29
  3. Fires Of Time Inferion 3:14
  4. Weakness Inferion 3:48

A collection of some of the angriest War-ish Black Metal to come out of South Florida. This is the first album that multi-instrumentalist Nick Reyes recorded himself. As a result, his vision of dissonant guitar harmonies encompassing hate filled vocal deliveries took the form of “Firewar” the bands third release. The themes of this album musically and lyrically revolve around destruction, desecration, war, hatred and of course FIRE! This album has long been available only digitally but now, it is available to purchase on CD as well.

Album Line-up
Nick Reyes – Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass.