Cursed Path

Title : Cursed Path
Release Date : February 15, 2002

  1. This Will Decay Inferion 4:17
  2. Carrion For The Scavengers Inferion 3:06
  3. Contempt Inferion 2:33
  4. Tempted By Failure Inferion 3:39
  5. Embers Inferion 4:24
  6. Directionless Inferion 3:43
  7. Until The Sun Consumes Us Inferion 3:57
  8. Further from the Light Inferion 4:20
  9. The Serpent in the Valley Inferion 5:01
  10. Lament Inferion 6:30
  11. Aftermath Of Destruction Inferion 3:09
  12. When Bones Meet Corrosion Inferion 3:58
  13. A Hell to Endure Inferion 4:48
  14. Unrestrained Inferion 2:33


After a major shift in musical style, Inferion release the rawest most putrid form of Black Metal on “Cursed Path”. Distributed by many cassette tape as well as conventional distro’s in 2002, this album marked a pivitol point in Inferion’s existence. The intent of this album was a gritty low-fi production with the analog warmth that tape provided. Recorded in the most austere conditions Miami could offer. Recorded in a small rehearsal space with no ventilation or air-conditioning in the middle of one of the hottest summers in South Florida “Cursed Path” earns it’s place among other notable raw and low-fi Black Metal albums.


Album Line-up
Thor (Nick Reyes)– Vocals, Guitars
Juan Restrepo – Bass
Carlos Delgado – Drums
Hjorvard (Andres Oyarzún) – Guitars