Given To The Ground

Title : Given To The Ground
Release Date : November 12, 1999
Label :

  1. Entering Death Without a Name Inferion 3:06
  2. Given to the Ground Inferion 5:06
  3. Killing Off Life Inferion 3:44
  4. Realm of Solitude Inferion 4:00

Inferion’s first full length album. Given To The Ground explores the darker side of life such as death, ceremonial burial, and the transformation of flesh to dust. Due to the different influences while writing this album, “Given To The Ground” takes the form of a mid paced Doom/Death Metal release with a mesh of the bands signature Melodic Black/Thrash Metal influence. This release embodies the warm analog sound of being recorded on ADAT tape. Long out of print until recently. “Given To The Ground” is not only available digitally, but on CD DIGIPACK as well.

Album Line-up
Nick Reyes – Vocals, Guitars
Gary Bennett – Drums
Juan Giraldo – Vocals
Joel Cerda – Bass
Armando Martinez – Guitar
Vanessa Perez – Guest vocals