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Infinite Dying Souls

Title : Infinite Dying Souls
Release Date : May 3, 1998

  1. Cloud of Dust Inferion 3:22
  2. Infinite Dying Souls Inferion 5:15
  3. Realm of Solitude Inferion 3:07
  4. The Final Breath of God Inferion 6:52


The first Inferion release. A powerful first offering of Raw Black Metal written in 1997. Infinite Dying Souls was recorded at the locally famed Heaven’s Gate Studio in South Miami. It was instrumental in developing the South Florida Black Metal scene and is regarded as a Miami cult classic to this day. An experimental mixture of digital and analog recording, this album embodies the result of sacrifice and unparalleled dedication that has stood the test of time.

Album Line-up
Thor (Nick Reyes) – Vocals, Guitars
Zaint666 (Juan Giraldo) – Drums
Black Dahlia (Jean Alvarez) – Vocals
Akeldama (Juan Santiago) – Bass