Title : Palingenesis
Release Date : June 1, 2014
Label :

  1. Beyond The Tombstones Inferion 3:26
  2. Nothing Is Random Inferion 4:09
  3. Leeches Evolve Inferion 2:23
  4. Palingenesis Inferion 2:40
  5. Rebirth Of Violence Inferion 3:22

Another album from the vault. This album was written and recorded from 2005-2007. It was originally planned to be released under a side project name tentatively titled “Farewell My Angel”. Unfortunately, it was never officially released. This album shows a temporary departure from the straightforward ‘black or white’ approach Inferion has been known for. Due to the different influences in writing the album, a definitive genre is hard to describe this release. It delves into the Melodic Thrash Metal genre instrumentally, but has more in common with Floridian Death metal as far as structure and vocal conception go. Mastered and Co-mixed by Miami’s well known creator of IDM mayhem Otto Von Schirach in order to further blur the boundaries of singular genres.

Album Line-up
Nick Reyes – Vocals & Misc Guitars
Armando Martinez – Guitars
Juan Santiago – Bass
Kevin Gallagher – Drums
Jimmy Quick – Guitars